Ultimate Guide: Hammam Al Andalus (Arab Baths)

Arab Baths: enchanting, historical & rejuvenating. 

Go back in time during your visit to the Hammam baths in Andalusia with locations in Cordoba, Granada, Madrid and Málaga. Keep reading for everything you need to know before entering the baths.


Hammam or the public bath, is a place to relax and socialize in the Islamic world. In the past, there were multiple public baths in Andalusia equipped with many different rooms; including: a changing room, a cold bath, a warm bath, a hot bath, and a sauna.

Several small star-shaped opening in the ceiling allowed the entrance of light and different essences stimulate your senses.

Today, the magic of water is celebrated at the four different Andalusian Hammam locations.

Four Locations:

1. Granada         

The first arab baths to be opened in Spain since their disappearance in the 16th century. The Granada Hammam al Andalus resides at the base of the Alhambra in a 13th century house. Located close to the church of Santa Ana, suggests that these baths were used for the public.

Hours- 10:00 am to 1130: pm

2. Córdoba

Right in the center of the city,  the architecture of the baths represents the ancient history of Córdoba. Hammam al Andalus offers a Mezquita-Catedral (Mosque-Cathedral) tour along with the bath which is too good to pass!

Hours- 10:00 am to 12:00 am

3. Madrid

These baths are located in the old Arab quarter in the center of Madrid. What better place to relax after walking from Plaza Mayor to El Parque del Buen Retiro in one day!

Hours- 10:00 am to 10:00 pm

4. Málaga

With architecture and decoration inspired by the Nazari era of Andalusia; get ready for intricate carvings and colorful mosaic pieces. It’s heating systems sends water 150 meters deep to receive the perfect temperature. I’ve been to these baths twice and only have extremely positive reviews. I highly recommend visiting these baths, especially if you are visiting Málaga in the winter time and it’s too cold to swim in the ocean!

Hours- 10:00 am to 12:00am



1. What do you wear?

Nowadays, to avoid naked strangers swimming a couple feet away from you, bathing suits are required!

2. What do you bring?

I enjoy showering after the baths. They provide shampoo, conditioner, body-wash, blow-dryers, face/body lotion and towels. Pack a hairbrush or any other shower materials you may need.  Nothing better than leaving feeling rejuvenated and clean!

Water and tea are included inside of the baths so no need to bring your own.

3. Can you talk?

In my experience, whisper-talk is allowed but this is definitely not the place if you want to catch up with an old friend. Think relaxation, meditation and enchantment.

4. Do you have to make a reservation?

Yes! Call or check out your specific bath’s website to make a reservation. Two or three days is usually a fine time before your visit.

5. Is it clean?

Definitely. Every morning and between sessions the baths are extensively cleaned. They are also constantly filtered with a water filter.

6. How long are the sessions?

Each session in 90 minutes, including if you purchased a massage.

Trust me. The Arab Baths are a must-do if you visit Madrid, Córdoba, Málaga or Granada.  The two times I’ve gone, I’ve left feeling rejuvenated and closer to one part of the culture here in Spain.

Side Note: The featured image of this post is not a part of the Hammam al Andalus baths as you are not permitted to photograph inside of the baths. However, these intricate details from the Alcazaba, are extremely similar to what you will find in the Hammam al Andalus Málaga Baths!

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