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Ultimate Guide: Hair-Salons in Spain

Happiness is a fresh cut.

It is hard putting your hairdo first when you have classes, weekend travel and a brand new culture to experience abroad. For the girls who’s locks are so dead that it takes minutes to brush out and the boys that are getting dangerously close to that 2000’s boy-band-shaggy-hair-look; follow these tips and study these Spanish vocabulary words to ensure that you’ll leave with a fresh new style!

The Basics:

  • La Peluquería ⇢ Hair Salon
  • Corte ⇢ Cut
  • Tinte ⇢ Color
  • Más ⇢ More
  • Menos ⇢ Less
  • Lavar el pelo ⇢ To Shampoo
  • Acondicionar ⇢ To Condition
  • Fijador- Hair Spray
  • La raya ⇢ Part
  • Raíces ⇢ Roots
  • Las puntas ⇢ Tips 
  • Puntas partidas ⇢ Split ends

Describing What You Want:

  • Capas ⇢ Layers
  • Solo las puntas ⇢ Just a trim
  • Refeljos ⇢ Highlights
  • Por detrás ⇢ In the back
  • Por delante ⇢ In the front
  • Flequillo ⇢ Bangs
  • Entresacado ⇢ Thinned
  • Más oscuro ⇢ Darker

Hair Verbs:

  • Aclarar ⇢ To make lighter
  • Secar ⇢ To blow-dry
  • Lavar ⇢ To wash
  • Planchar ⇢ To straighten
  • Rizar ⇢ To curl
  • Cortar ⇢ To cut

For the Hombres (men):

  • Corte Hombre ⇢ Men’s haircut
  • Barba ⇢ Beard
  • Patillas ⇢ Sideburns
  • Bigote ⇢ Moustache

Some of my most memorable and best-quality haircuts have been in foreign countries (Italy and Spain)… in fact, I just got one last week (peep picture above of the new-do).  These hair cuts are not just hair cuts, they are an entire cultural experience and I definitely recommend experiencing this at least once abroad! Don’t be surprised if you are offered coffee, wine or other beverages while getting your cut. Sit back, sip on some vino, be pampered and bring this vocab-list for yet another successful experience abroad.

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