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Second-Month Feels

So you’ve been abroad for a month. You’re finally comfortable with the public transportation, you’ve ingested some pretty unique foods and you just realized how fast the last four weeks went.

Before you know it, you will be on your flight back to your home country. Read my 7 activities that you should start now, before it is too late!

1. Go to a language exchange

Don’t forget about that language exchange party you were super interested in the second day of class and then got too busy to join. If you’re studying a language, take an afternoon or evening to put your new skills to the test.

Exchanges are great ways to apply your new vocabulary while simultaneously making friends with locals who can teach you endless facts about your city!

2. Plan those trips!

It’s been four weeks and you’ve realized that that “far-away” weekend is a lot closer than you think. Hit up kayak.com, hostelworld.com and lonelyplanet.com for some of the most useful websites for planning a trip.

3. Study

Studying doesn’t necessarily mean finding a cafe and falling asleep in your textbooks. A lot of study abroad classes will be cultural. If you learned about something in class, go visit it. If you’re learning a language… get out and speak it!

4. Look up

Living in a new country can be intimidating and confusing. At the start of your second month, start looking up and around. Now, put away your Google Maps (since you’re a pro at directions now) and discover more and more everyday.

5. Go shopping

Personally, I have never been uninterested in this activity. 😉

However, for those frugal individuals… it is time to go shopping!

Buy those pants or shoes that you thought were too foreign to pull off and add them to your closet. You won’t regret this when you bring the trend back home!

6. Designate one day to explore your abroad city

You’ve mastered your routine and have planned trips outside of your city. After a few weeks, it is common to take the beauty and culture of your city for granted. Never forget about how you felt that first night you arrived. Designate one day for being a typical tourist.

6. Reflect

Reflect, appreciate and look forward. Every day counts! 

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