La Marcha◆Spanish Nightlife

La Marcha

Along with the soft-sand beaches, historical monuments and fresh seafood; Málaga’s nightlife is something all ages can enjoy. “La marcha” is the spanish word referring to Spain’s nightlife and the zest and energy the Spaniards have when the sun goes down. Continue reading if you are visiting the Costa del Sol and want to experience la marcha for yourself!

9:30 pm ◆ Plaza de la Merced 

Start your evening off with friends at one of Plaza de la Merced’s outdoor restaurants. Share some pre-fiesta tapas and drink your 1 euro cervezas while playing billiards or foosball.

The peak hours of the Plaza are around 11:00-12:00. Remember, the Spanish schedule is pushed later than what a lot of us foreigners are accustomed to; aka lunch at 4:00pm and dinner at 9:30pm. 

11:00 pm ◆ Alcazaba Premium Hostel 

Just a quick minute walk from the Plaza de la Merced is the Alcazaba Premium Hostel. You wouldn’t know it from the outside, but head up to the fifth floor of this hostel to find the best views of the Alcazaba, Gibralfaro and the Cathedral from it’s rooftop bar/terrace.

The intimate setting is perfect for conversation before heading to a discoteca.

12:00 am ◆ Plaza Marqués

Plaza Marqués is a small-square plaza lined with bars, cafes and even a gelato shop! Every night of the week you will find Spaniards and foreigners bonding over music and drinks.

1:30 am ◆ Sala Gold

Still feeling the party vibes? Head over to Sala Gold; Málaga’s most popular discoteca. This is the place if you want to dance, drink and listen to loud music.

10:00 am ◆ The Good Burger 

Last but not least: The Good Burger. After a night out with friends, nothing is better than a nice greasy burger with fries. Find TGB on Müelle Uno (Málaga’s harbor) or right behind the Cathedral in the Historic City.

If you are visiting Málaga, I highly recommend experiencing la marcha. Even my teachers have told us to go out until the crack of dawn! Going out at night is one of the best ways to bond with friends, meet people from all over the globe and get a taste of a completely different city vibe.

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