Nine Reasons Your Abroad Friends Will Be Lifelong

Nine Reasons Why Your Study Abroad Friends Will Be Lifelong

You will leave a completely new person after your months abroad. One of the reasons? Incredible friendships. Below are nine reasons why your study abroad friends will no doubt, be lifelong. 

  1. You are all experiencing a challenging and peculiar adventure together. Coping with homesickness, surviving those long bus rides or attempting to pass your Italian-I class because you’ve been out eating too much pizza sans studying; they’ll be right by your side.
  2. They support you during the inevitable sticky-situations because they’ve most likely been through something similar. Shoutout to my Buenos Aires friends who finally helped me find real aloe after my horrendous sunburn. I guess aloe hair-gel isn’t the best cure… 
  3. They may be from a different home country. What better way to expand your global horizons than to meet friends who grew-up watching fútbol rather than soccer!  
  4. They’re abroad for similar reasons: to have fun and explore! Thank you friends for snagging taxis with me at 6:00 am and being crazy enough to stay in tents at Oktoberfest.
  5. Yes, they may not know your favorite color or you first pet’s name; but they know how you act in unfamiliar situations abroad. How could you survive a German train station or a 7-hour Argentinean bus-ride without them?
  6. They’ll be with you every pound you gain because who can deny that Italian gelato…
  7. You’ll forever have a place to stay with your abroad friends after you return home.
  8. They’ve most likely seen you cry way too early in your relationship and neither of you cared.
  9. You’ll always be able to reminisce on the best months of your college career together. Regardless of if you’re states, countries or continents apart.

To all of my abroad friends: thank you for making my experiences unforgettable. I look forward to reunions over a bottle of Chianti, some jamón y queso empanadas and of course, picos!





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