The Ultimate Ladies Study Abroad Packing List

The Ultimate Ladies Study Abroad Packing List

Stressing over packing for a semester or year abroad is the last thing you need before preparing to leave your home and live in a new country. How are you supposed to fit four months of your clothes in one large suitcase? Craziness, yet possible with this packing list!


  • Large 4 wheel roller suitcase
  • Small 4 wheel roller suitcase (carry on)
  • Backpack (carry on)

If you’re in the market for a new suitcase, I definitely recommend a four-wheel. They are must easier to maneuver throughout busy crowds! If you have the chance, purchase as light of a suitcase as possible. Most airlines charge you for checking more than 50 pounds and it is best to put that weight to your items and not your luggage!


  • Eye-mask
  • Chewing gum
  • A good book

Check-out my Survival Guide for Long-Distance Flights at this link: for more information on airplane necessities.


  • Jewelry
  • 2 Belts
  • Small purse- for everyday use
  • Large purse- for classroom and weekend travel
  • Sunglasses


  • Winter jacket (or save the room in your suitcase and purchase a new jacket as it gets colder)
  • Scarves (perfect way to stay warm in the colder months and spice up a dull outfit)
  • Rain jacket
  • Light jacket


  • 6 Exercise/Sleep 
  • 6 Sweaters
  • 1 Sweatshirt
  • 6 Going out tops
  • 7 Casual


  • 5 Leggings
  • 5 Jeans
  • 4 Skirts
  • 3 Shorts

☾Dresses: (my obsession)

  • 8 Sundresses
  • 4 Going out dresses


  • 10-14 Pairs of underwear
  • 4 Bras/Bralettes
  • 5 Sports Bras
  • 11 Socks (short and tall)


  • 3 Sandals
  • 2 Leather boots
  • Heeled booties
  • Sneakers
  • Beach shoes
  • Rain boots (depending on climate)


  • Makeup
  • Hairbrush
  • Travel-sized shampoo, conditioner, face/body wash (for weekend trips)

Most toiletries can be purchased in your study abroad city. Pack only what you cannot live without! Avoid packing any hot tools. Hair straightens and curling irons use less voltage here in the US than in most countries abroad. Plan on purchasing your hot tools that match your countries voltage once you arrive.

Tip: Purchase perfume abroad. Years later, you will be reminded on your trip when you smell that perfume.


  • 2-3 Adapters
  • Computer/Charger
  • Phone/Charger
  • Camera/Charger
  • Earbuds

Next challenge? Fitting all of these items into your two suitcases and backpack! I started rolling my clothes instead of folding them a couple years ago and haven’t stopped. This is the key to packing your suitcase like a pro.

Remember: you most likely will be purchasing a lot of items in your new city; save some room for your flight home!

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