Pics Or It Didn’t Happen?

Whether it be a Go Pro or an iPhone, you are definitely going to want to have a camera abroad. Instagram worthy moments will surround your everyday life. Plus, family and friends will love seeing your pictures while you’re overseas!

Below are the three different cameras I love! 

1. iPhone

I absolutely love taking pictures with my iPhone. They are great for candids, quick snap-shots and easy uploads to social media. The 12-megapixel camera is perfect for taking panoramic shots, my favorite aspect about using my iPhone.

Most likely, you will have your iPhone on you anyways so why not use it as a camera?

2. GoPro

After viewing friends’ GoPro videos, I knew I needed to start saving up before my next study abroad. GoPro’s are simple and compact (perfect for light-travel).

I use the GoPro Hero+ and am impressed each time I upload my pictures or videos to my computer. Although not the clearest quality, the waterproof cameras are perfect for action filming and adventurous activities! Purchase a selfie-stick or attach the wide-angle camera to your helmet while zip-lining for some great angles that you can only get with a GoPro.

3. Nikon D3100

The Nikon D3100 was my first semi-professional camera purchase. I have been using my Nikon for the past six years and it functions today just as well as it did in 2010.

I use an 18-55mm lens, however, the Nikon D3100 is capable of fitting multiple other lens sizes. This camera can be automatic or manual, which can help you put your own flare on your pictures!

Of course, the Nikons are larger than the iPhone or GoPro. With that said, they aren’t as easy to transport around; purchasing a camera bag is a must. I recommend Bestek Caden Waterproof Canvas Bag.

Tip: Purchase an adapter for you digital camera that transfers your photos to your phone!

Photographing your adventure is a great way to document your trips. Just remember to not experience your travels solely through the lens of your camera! Cameras can only capture some moments but your memory can capture them all. ☽

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