Ultimate Guide: Long-Distance Flights

Counting down the day to your upcoming trip abroad but dreading the air travel? Long-distance flights are boring, can cause muscle cramps and are practically like pulling an all nighter. However, they don’t have to be a nightmare! Read on for my Ultimate Guide to Long-Distance flights.

1. Drink LOTS of water 

The lack of humidity caused by the cabin pressure at 40,000 feet can cause intense dehydration. For a more comfortable and healthy airplane experience, make sure to drink plenty of water before, after and during air travel. Pack chapstick to avoid those uncomfortable chapped-lips caused by dehydration.

Replace coffee and alcohol with H20, as both drinks will cause dehydration. 

2. Spotify playlist

A couple months ago I jumped on the Spotify bandwagon and I am one of the music-app’s biggest fans. I went from an unorganized music library to a creator of multiple playlists. 

I usually create a Spotify playlist for new travel destinations so I can return to the playlists and reminisce about my time!

3. Gum

Chewing gum promotes swallowing which helps open the tubes that connect your ear, nose and mouth. With this said, chewing gum will help prevent the annoying air-travel ear-plugs!

4. Eye-mask

Yes, I am one of those girls who wears the eye-mask and brings her own pillow while she travels. But, I’m not embarrassed because this is really the way to sleep on those red-eye flights! Most airports have stations where you can purchase eye-masks. Some airlines even provide eye-masks on long-distance flights.

The human body’s circadian rhythm often aligns with the light in your environment. Therefore, airplane lights can actually increase your chances of harsh jet-lag because they can affect your circadian rhythm. Just another reason to purchase your eye-mask today!

5. A good book

Whether you’re studying abroad, visiting family or just traveling to a vacation destination; packing a good book is a must. Find an inspiring book that is related to your trip. This will help the time pass while simultaneously educating you about your upcoming adventure.

6. Walk around… get your blood flowing!

A quick trip up and down the airplane isles will help get your blood pumping and decrease your chance of muscle aches. Just make sure the captain does not have the fastened seat-belt sign turned on! 

7. Layer

It is common for airplane temperatures to move from freezing to hot, back to freezing then hot again. Make sure to layer-up during these long-distance airplane flights for a better sleep and more comfortable experience.

So, pack up your eye-mask, water bottle, travel book and bubblegum and prepare for an enjoyable ride!

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