My Dessert Utopia: Buenos Aires, Argentina

One aspect that made me happiest in Buenos Aires were the desserts! Back in the United States, we are chocoholics. For me, being a non-chocoholic, it is difficult for me to find a variety of pastries that I enjoy. However, 5,538 miles away from my home, in Buenos Aires, I had found my dessert utopia.

Dulce de leche is a popular flavor in the city. It is made by slowly heating sweetened milk. The translation is literally “candy made of milk” or “sweet made of milk.”

Alfajores, are cookies that have been popular in Argentina and Uruguay since the mid-19th century. They are two round cookies that are filled with dulce de leche. Traditionally, they are covered with powdered sugar. However, they can be glazed or with chocolate.

Croissants, called medialunas in Spanish which means “half moons” are also extremely popular and delicious. I find that croissants are the one dessert that differs a lot from each country. The croissants in the United States taste different than the croissants in Paris and extremely different from the croissants in Argentina. The croissants in Buenos Aires are sweet and often filled with chocolate or, of course, dulce de leche and topped with powdered sugar.





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