6 Photos That Will Have You Counting Down The Days Until Capri

Frequented by Queen Beyonce herself, Capri is an island located in Southern Italy. Known for its aqua oceans, tangy lemons and fresh seafood; Capri should be added to your travel wishlist. Below are six photos that will have you counting down the day until your upcoming Capri trip!

  1. This water is not a joke. Take a trip into the sea cave, Blue Grotto, to experience this cobalt water on steroids! IMG_1862

  2. Relax, overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea with the freshest seafood around.  IMG_1912 (1)

  3. Look familiar? This spot is one of the most photographed on the island. Take a boat tour around Anacapri to really get an alternate view of this part of Italy! IMG_1877

  4. Here’s a picture for all of your lemon fans out there! Need a quick snack? Wander into the small cafes to sample some of their fresh lemon treats. Don’t forget about limoncello! IMG_2012

  5. Explore the sea-font shops ranging from beautiful jewelry to beach clothes! Capri pants were actually named after the islands of Capri because back in the day the fisherman would roll up their pants before hitting this water.


  6. Ride the single-person chairlift up to the top of Capri for views like this.



Start planning your weekend trip now. I traveled to Capri with Bus2Alps and had a relaxing and unforgettable time!

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